Debbie Wolf has been involved in the jewelry world since 1981 when she worked as the gold and pearl buyer for a national wholesale jewelry company in Boston.

In 1987, just after her first child was born, Debbie decided to start her own company, Designs by Deb, so that she could stay at home and raise her son. During the course of her jewelry making career, Debbie has created jewelry from many different types of materials including beads, thermal resin and her very popular line of People Jewelry.

Why Purple Umbrella?

Debbie has always loved the color purple. When she first began putting together her unusual "People Jewelry" line, it was natural for her to include purple elements in these creations. The umbrella? The Umbrella Pin happens to be one of the first designs of her People Pins and, well, it just seems to fit what she's been able to accomplish with her business. In addition to finding Deb's People Jewelry on the following pages, you'll also find the work of several other gifted artisans, which created "many artists under one umbrella."

At about the same time she was designing her People Jewelry, a couple of friends were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She decided to donate 10% of the sales of her People Jewelry to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. As an umbrella helps to protect those it covers, we hope that one day those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis are made to feel more secure. We hope that the almost $40,000 contributed to date will play a role in developing a cure of this often very debilitating disease. We feel good about this, and hope you feel good wearing our jewelry.

28 years after the start of Designs by Deb and now with three children, she has teamed up with her brother, Mark and their parents, Renee and Gordon, in bringing this web site to you!

Happy Shopping!